Holdem Poker Tricks – 2 Best Ways To Improve Your Game, Fast

Improve your game instantly with these Holdem poker tricks on how to get better, win more and make more money. Read this article now to discover how.

It’s no problems improving your game, anyone can do that. With enough time and effort you can become a successful poker player gaming slots.

But you don’t want that, you want to improve your game fast. You want to shave hundreds of hours of the time to get good. And these Holdem Poker tricks are going to help you do that.

Holdem Poker Tricks To Improve Your Game, FAST # 1

First things first, stop playing poker. I’m for real. Start studying instead.

What you want is about a 1 hour to 1 hour ratio of study and practice.

That’s because although practice is vital to become good, if you are practicing the wrong way you are advancing at an inefficient rate.

If you want to improve super-fast start learning more so every time you practice you are practicing at a more advanced level.

Holdem Poker Tricks To Improve Your Game, FAST # 2

Next thing, stop doing it by yourself. That’s right, stop trying to be some super-secret poker player hiding in his bedroom thinking ‘I’m gonna come from nowhere and beat them all.’

This is inefficient.

You need other people. You need other players. Why?

Because first you need to talk to them about how to play poker better, how they play, what they think etc. so you can get different viewpoints on how to play.

Next, you need them to tell you about bad beats and mistakes they made so you can learn from their mistakes. When you learn from other peoples mistakes you greatly improve the speed at which you learn.

Thirdly you need to talk to players to build your network so you can get in touch with players that are far better then you. When you interact with players that are far better than you they ‘pull you up’ into being a successful poker play.

You can’t sound like an eagle when you’re hanging around turkeys all day. And you can’t learn to fly without a teacher. So get out there and interact!

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